3 Warning Signs You Might Be an Alcoholic

Modern culture’s acceptance of excessive alcohol consumption can blur the lines between social drinking and alcoholism. Weekend binges, weeknight cocktails—everywhere we turn, alcohol is readily available and looked at as a staple of today’s lifestyles. If you think you or someone you love might be teetering on becoming an alcoholic, here are three warning signs you should look out for.

Wondering if You Drink Too Much
If you wonder if you drink too much, you might be an alcoholic. Social drinkers wouldn’t ask themselves this question. That’s not to say not asking the question means you don’t have a problem. Rather, asking the question is self-recognition of a potential issue.

Drinking as a Crutch
If drinking is involved before, during or after problematic moments in life, you may be an alcoholic. Escaping life’s difficult situations by diving to the bottom of a bottle is never the answer.

If You Can’t Stop Once You Start
If once you start drinking you can’t stop until you are drunk, chances are good you’re an alcoholic. Social drinkers are able to restrict their drinking with little to no effort; they’re not chasing the drunken sensation.

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