5 Business Lessons from a Used Car Dealer

Gene Gorman’s decades of experience running a successful user car dealership have brought with them countless business lessons. Here are five of them that hold true for any type of sales or production organization.

1. Own Your Success
If your success is more important to me—the manager—than it is to you…we have a problem.

2. People Before Profit
If treating people right is more important than making the sale, you’ll usually make the sale.

3. Recognize Success
A properly trained staff wants to be held accountable and wants recognition for a job well done. Even if it’s a simple “good job,” acknowledging your team’s accomplishments will drive them to succeed.

4. Treat the Top Like the Top
Always treat the top 20% of sales people like top sales people. Remember, they are going to be successful wherever they are, even if it’s not with you. Management should focus their energy on raising the average producers’ sales. When you raise the average, the top producer will rise up as well because the bar has been lifted.

5. Accountability is Key
Have a system of daily, weekly, and monthly accountability for everyone in the organization. When you show people you care about their job, they start caring about their job. And remember: When you keep score, the score goes up.

Tap into Gene’s expert advice in his book “Action vs. Reaction Management.” Within the pages, you’ll find a slew of advice that’s helped all sizes of businesses, from local stores to Fortune 100 companies.

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