From the jungles of Vietnam, to divorce courts, mental wards and alcoholic detox units of Virginia, to the showrooms of Chrysler, to corporate boardrooms of America, Gene Gorman shares his business wisdom and hilarious and sometime tragic life story.

In his memoir, You Had To Be There, Gorman narrates how he overcame a host of struggles, including addiction to alcohol, before becoming one of the most successful sales and management consultants and used car dealership owners in the country. From his birth in Brooklyn, New York, in 1946, to meeting his life-saving mentor, he offers details of his financial success journey based on how he followed the simple principles of fairness and faith in God.

You Had To Be There provides a true account of how Gorman, an average man, overcame personal failure to achieve unlikely success. It offers a message of hope to others who have faced life’s challenges fueled by circumstances beyond their control, poor decisions, or any type of addiction.

In his latest book, Action Vs. Reaction, The Key To Success in Business Featuring The Adventures of A Used Car Dealer, Gene provides first hand knowledge of sales and management experience as well as his real life story of his personal and business journey. This captivating book allows the reader to gain insight into an invaluable approach that Gene shares of his unique approach to  sales and management  philosophy.

Gene Gorman has been a sales and management trainer and consultant for some of the largest corporations in America including AT&T, General Motors, and Cox Broadcasting, before becoming one of the largest independent auto dealers in the country. He currently resides in Punta Gorda, Florida.