How Having a Mentor Saved My Life

Once I was convinced I was an alcoholic, something remarkable happened: I became teachable. But it took a lot of pain to get there. As I kneeled on the shower floor of the state mental hospital detox center, I started praying. I didn’t believe in God at the time, but I was out of options. I needed help. If it came from a higher power, I’d welcome it with open arms.

To my surprise, I was approached by people who said they wanted to help me. My suspicions were high, but what did I have to lose? They, too, were alcoholics. They told me helping other alcoholics is what helped them stay sober. Expectations were clear from the beginning—if I didn’t want what they had, they would move on to help someone else.

In those days I didn’t believe anybody did anything for anyone else unless there was something in it for themselves. I was sold.

These people turned into my mentors and showed me the path to acceptance and change through helping others struggling with addiction.
If you or someone you know is battling with alcoholism, You Had to Be There is a great choice for a gift. I share the story of my struggles and successes in the same way my mentors shared with me. If it helped me, I’m certain it can help others as well.

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