Why Community Matters in Business

Being in a business mindset was my mental state for years. Then one day, in one of my early morning trances, I was suddenly moved to do something that had nothing to do with making money.

I wanted to help the community that had helped make me successful. I soon discovered that becoming involved in helping the community was not only profitable in the long run, but also gratifying beyond my wildest imagination.

It was then that I thought back to something my father had once told me: “All the money really belongs to God. We all just use it at different times.”

I was suddenly hit with an entire new life philosophy: In the final analysis, a person’s legacy, as well as a nation’s, should be based on what they can do to help those that can’t help themselves, not those who can.

What are you doing for your community today?

If you’re looking for actionable items and proven tactics for growing your business and helping your community, check out my book, Action vs. Reaction Management. Within the pages, you’ll find a laundry list of time-tested advice that’s helped all sizes of businesses, from local stores to Fortune 100 companies.

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